Monday, 4 May 2015

The stranger on the bridge

I just watched an excellent documentary on channel 4, 'The stranger on the bridge'. It was about a man who was looking for the man who talked him down from jumping off a bridge. I had come across the find mike campaign so it was interesting hearing more. It ended up with it being more than just a search for a man but other people feeling they could relate to what this guy had been through. I know I could. Like me he had psychosis too. It was amazing to hear about someone who had been so close to the edge but made it back and created a successful life for himself. It was sad to see how common it is for people to be jumping off bridges but comforting to know how many people care enough to talk them down.
The reunion between the two men was a very touching moment.
If you didn't watch it, I hope you read this and follow the link to the channel 4 page to watch it.