Thursday, 4 February 2016

Time to talk day

Today was time to talk day with Time to change ( ). Encouraging people to sit down with others and talk about mental health problems.

At Bournemouth Library today, Jayne Skellett was holding Chance to chat. I went along and was able to talk about some of my issues. There was a girl there who also had problems and, along with are parents, were able to compare stories and discuss issues. I shared with her my blog which i hope she finds useful. As wonderful as friends and family can be, it's always good meeting people who have had similar experiences and can relate in some way.

Another aspect of Chance to Chat that was really good was Jayne's project 'The Nana project'. She has written a non profit family book, discussing mental health. 'Nana the bi-polar bear' is a story for children who have mental health issues within the family. It really is an excellent idea and has lovely illustrations by Carrie Carrie. I recommend seeking out this book to anyone, particularly for families who have mental illnesses within.

I thought Time to talk day was really useful. Anything to encourage talking is a good thing.