Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rethink Mental Illness on NICE guidlines

Found this piece by Rethink Mental Illness on the NICE new psychosis guidelines really interesting. I think I've been really lucky in Bournemouth and Poole as most of these guidelines have been met but I know in other places it is very different. One of the reasons I moved away from Worthing when coping with my psychosis was that there was little help or understanding there. I saw several GP's, none of who knew what to do with me. I kept pushing to see a neurologist and was eventually given the phone number to the neurology department at the hospital. I was expected to sort out an appointment myself which had a 2 month waiting list. When telling the neurology department I couldn't wait 2 months as it was an emergency, I got no response. More support needs to be in place in this area.

Please look at the link below view on NICE psychosis guidelines.